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Fielded Text:


"Fielded Text" trademark owned by Paul Klink

Version 1.1 of Fielded Text standard published.  Changes from Version 1.0 are:

Xilytix releases C# implementation of Fielded Text.  This class library implements the upcoming version 1.1 of Fielded Text.

Version 0.8.1 of Standard has been released.

Description of Culture has been significantly improved.

Minor improvements to other descriptions in document.

Version 0.8 of Standard has been released.

Only minor changes to the standard itself but large number of improvements to formatting, organisation and content of this document.  It is far more readable and understandable.

Added EndOfLineIsSeparator to support importers which expect the last line to not be terminated with EOL character(s).

Website updated.

Added Xilytix Delphi Win32/64 TFieldedText software components.

Added FTValid to list of software.  FTValid is a windows command line program which validates the format and structure of a Fielded Text (or CSV) file.

Added Tutorial lessons for Delphi Win32/64.

Release 0.6 of the Fielded Text Reference Document is now available from the Standard page.

Some more tutorials are available for the Xilytix TFieldedText component.  See here.

Xilytix has release a FieldedText component (parser/generator) and also a Fielded Text Editor (FTEditor).  Both these products have been released under Open Source licences.  Refer to the Software page for download locations.

An early draft of the "Fielded Text Standard Reference" document has been released.  This draft gives a good understanding of what Fielded Text is all about.

This document can be viewed on the "Standard" web page

The Introductory material will be made available shortly.  It will provide a more concise description of what Fielded Text is all about.